Dr. Anna Pegler-Gordon speaks at Sharper Focus/Wider Lens “A World on the Move: Refugees, Migrants and Immigrants”


Anna Pegler-Gordon is an associate professor of social relations and policy in the James Madison College and director of the Asian Pacific American Studies Program at MSU.

  • Pegler-Gordon's teaching and research interests include: immigration, race, citizenship, visual culture and popular culture.
  • At James Madison College, she has taught courses in Asian American history, immigration policy, comparative race and ethnic relations, and U.S. racial and immigration history.
  • She has received fellowships for her teaching and research, including national awards from the Organization of American Historians, the Japanese Association for American Studies, and the Immigration and Ethnic History Society. At MSU, she has received a Teacher-Scholar award, as well as an Intramural Research Grant Program grant and a Lilly Teaching Fellowship.
  • Pegler-Gordon earned her doctorate from the University of Michigan.