Kenneth Szymusiak speaks at Sharper Focus/Wider Lens: Brave New Workplace: The Next Careers?

Kenneth Szymusiak is the Managing Director of theBurgess Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the Eli BroadCollege of Business.

Ken teaches coursework focused onentrepreneurial mindset, small business creation and management, and businessmodel development. Ken also serves as Director of the Hive.

Prior to joining MSU, Ken served asCo-Director of the New Economy Division at the Lansing Economic AreaPartnership (LEAP).

He earned his MBA from Northwood University.



Karl Gude speaks at Sharper Focus/Wider Lens: Brave New Workplace: The Next Careers?

Karl Gude is the Media Sandbox Director in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences.

He is the former Director of Information Graphics at Newsweek magazine and The Associated Press.

·     Gude has been a faculty member of the School of Journalism since 2006. He also teaches a large, Media Sandbox class on creative thinking and problem solving.

In 2013, Karl was recognized with the college’s Faculty Impact Award.




Dr. Cheryl Sisk speaks at Sharper Focus/Wider Lens: Brave New Workplace: The Next Careers?

Cheryl Sisk is a University Distinguished Professor in the Neuroscience Program, in the College of Natural Science.The common theme of research projects in the Dr. Sisk’s lab is the influence of steroid hormones on nervous system structure and function. This is directed toward understanding the neural, endocrine, and behavioral changes that take place during puberty and adolescence.Cheryl teaches Introduction to Neuroscience II in the Spring of every year.Sisk earned her doctorate from Florida State University.



Dr. Kenneth Merz speaks at Sharper Focus/Wider Lens: Brave New Workplace: The Next Careers?

Kenneth Merz is the Joseph Zichis Chair in Chemistry, in the College of Natural Science and Director of the Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research.

Dr. Merz’s research focuses at the interface between the computational sciences and biology, including computer-aided drug design.

Kennie came to MSU from the University of Florida where he was a UF Research Foundation Professor, the Edmund H. Prominski Professor of Chemistry and a member of the Quantum Theory Project.

·    Merz has worked in industry as senior director of the Center for Informatics and Drug Discovery at Pharmacopeia and senior director of the ADMET Research and Development Group’s Accelrys software division. He also is the founder of QuantumBio, a software company in State College, Pa.

He earned his doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin.



Robert Kolt speaks at Sharper Focus/Wider Lens: It’s All Politics

Bob Kolt is an instructor in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences.

In addition to teaching at MSU since 1993, Bob is the president and CEO of Kolt Communications, Inc., which has been recognized over the years with numerous awards for outstanding work, and today the firm provides counsel to a prestigious list of clients. Bob has been active as a media strategist for several statewide ballot issues, and worked as a media consultant and key political advisor to former Governor James J. Blanchard and former Secretary of State Richard H. Austin.

Prior to founding Kolt Communications, Bob did communications work for the Michigan Department of Transportation and Michigan Department of Treasury. He also worked for a number of years as a news anchor and correspondent for WZZM-TV 13 ABC in Grand Rapids, as well as WWTV/WWUP-TV 9/10 CBS in northern Michigan.

Kolt earned his master’s degree from Michigan State University. 



Dr. Michael Colaresi speaks at Sharper Focus/Wider Lens: It’s All Politics

Michael Colaresi is a professor in the Department of Political Science in the College of Social Science.

Michael began teaching at MSU in the fall of 2004. His research and teaching interests involve the domestic politics of international conflict, the dynamics of conflict between rival states, and time series analysis. He has published two books, Scare Tactics: The Politics of International Rivalry and Strategic Rivalries in World Politics: Space, Position and Escalation.

His current projects explore the tension between national security-related secrecy and democratic accountability, the variation in legislative oversight on national security issues across democracies, the institutional causes of genocide and state failure, the statistical analysis of text, and the application of time series methodology to non-continuous data.

He earned his doctorate from Indiana University.



Dr. Donna Rich Kaplowitz speaks at Sharper Focus/Wider Lens: It’s All Politics

Donna Rich Kaplowitz is an assistant professor in the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities.

Donna’s research interests have focused on U.S. policy toward Cuba, the U.S. embargo of Cuba, and Cuban foreign policy. She has published widely and her book credits include: The Cuba Reader: The Making of a Revolution; The Anatomy of a Failed Embargo: US Sanctions Against Cuba; and Cuba’s Ties to a Changing World.

She recently traveled to Cuba as part of an Honors Research Seminar/Freshman Seminar Abroad. 

Donna has long been interested in civic engagement and service learning at the university level, and previously taught at American University before coming to MSU. Donna’s courses at RCAH focus on both Cuba as well as the intersection of social justice and civic engagement in working with local youth.

She earned her doctorate from Johns Hopkins University.



Dr. Ann Larabee speaks at Sharper Focus/Wider Lens: It’s All Politics

Ann Larabee is a professor in the Department of English in the College of Arts & Letters.

A professor at Michigan State University since 1988, her most recent work has involved the relationships among technology, culture, and media. In 2000, she published Decade of Disaster, which examined cultural responses to technological disasters. She is currently at work on a historical study of bomb-making among radical groups, exploring issues of technology transfer, constitutional restraints on speech, and the institutional boundaries placed around dangerous knowledge and instruction.

With Professor Arthur Versluis, Larabee is co-editor of the Journal for the Study of Radicalism, featuring interdisciplinary scholarly work on global radical movements. Larabee is considered an expert on the history of terrorism and has contributed to the formation of the historiography of this emerging field.

Larabee earned her doctorate from Binghamton University.



Dr. Django Paris speaks at Sharper Focus/Wider Lens “The Nature of Inequality”

Django Paris is an associate professor of language and literacy in the Department of Teacher Education in the College of Education. He is also a core faculty member in the African American and African Studies Program in the College of Social Science, and affiliated faculty in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures in the College of Arts and Letters.

His teaching and research focus on understanding and sustaining languages, literacies, and literatures among youth of color in changing urban schools and communities. He is particularly concerned with educational and cultural justice as outcomes of inquiry and pedagogy.

He earned his doctorate from Stanford University. 



Dr. Angie Kennedy speaks at Sharper Focus/Wider Lens “The Nature of Inequality”

Angie Kennedy is an associate professor and director of the doctoral program in the School of Social Work in the College of Social Science.

Her work focuses on cumulative victimization (including community and school violence, family violence, and intimate partner violence) and associated outcomes among adolescents and young adults. She is especially interested in using innovative methods to examine patterns of co-occurring and cumulative victimization over time; she has expertise in both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Angie is also part of The Research Consortium on Gender-based Violence at MSU.

She earned her doctorate from the University of Illinois at Chicago. 


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